Gathering sheets & Blankets for heroes.

Yes this FRG volunteer, and Soldiers Angel is rounding up 100 sets of twin bed sheets.


The 1-7 ADA stationed at Ft Bragg is returning from deployment. There are 100 single soldiers that will be put into an empty barracks room. They will most likely come in late at night and have very little with them. No one wants to see these soldiers sleeping on bare mattresses their first night back in the USA. We want to make their barracks rooms inviting and welcoming. 

So I have been asked to round up 100 sets of twin bed sheets, 100 wash cloths, 100 bath towel, and 100 sets of toiletries. 

If any of my readers want to help me reach this goal email me at

Ann.Feinstine.armywife (at) gmail (dot) com

I will happily accept all donations.

Even 1 set will help.

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