Flying with the angels, while keeping my foot up

I’ve been very busy, between nursing my bad ankle and doing a ton of volunteer work I have not had a whole lot of time to post. What kind of volunteer work can I do with my leg up? Soldiers Angels, it’s been a time of letter writing. Then I was contacted by a friend who happens to be an Army chaplain. He relayed a very tragic story.

I just find out about a Soldier’s wife who is in need of prayer. I cannot disclose his identity nor his wife’s. But please open your heart and beg the Almighty to show compassion upon this Family. 
They were just a bit more than a year ago. He deployed shortly thereafter and while saddened having to leave his beloved, he was elated to be married to her. 
Unfortunately, he was met with some troubling news: His bride, the mother to-be of his son, was diagnosed with cancer after the OB/GYN discovered a growth during a routine ultrasound. Yet, they remained hopeful that she would beat it and deliver a healthy child. 
Several weeks later, he received wonderful news that he was going to become a father. 
He spent his time downrange excitedly anticipating his return home.

Last week, this brave woman delivered her premature daughter via Cesarian section. It was then that she and her husband were given the crushing blow: The cancer had metastasized and invaded every major organ in her body. She has already been placed in hospice care. We are doing what we can to provide and care for them.

So I’ve been organizing cards and letters from Soldiers Angels for this family. Then one angel had a wonderful idea of celebrating all of the major holidays in six weeks by mailing the family theme boxes for each of the holidays. I know I have mentioned this incredible bunch of unsung heroes before, but this time I think they are truly going above and beyond the call. Most of what I have been doing is communicating with the chaplain, and passing information back to the angels. Yep, typing, nothing I can’t do without my foot up.

I wonder if I would have had the time to do this if my ankle had not been injured. They say everything happens for a reason, maybe this is why I injured my ankle. So I’d slow down and help this wonderful family facing this terrible tragedy.

Well now back to work on the novel I’m sure there are Many Blessings to come… (hint)

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