Flash Fiction: Their Love

He wasn’t one to buy her flowers, he didn’t write her poems. He gave more to her than all of that combined was worth. He helped her with her hobbies. He cheered her on when all seemed lost. No matter what he was always being supportive, even if he had to do the dishes. He loved her with all his heart.

His love was not in vain she would rise early to ensure he had food. She was always remembering the little things that do make a difference. She would forgo sleep to spend time with him even if it was fifteen minutes. She helped him with his hobby as well, even if it meant getting wet and sticky, or driving two hours to surprise him. She once sat in a parking lot for 8 hours to spend 5 minutes with him. Now all she wants is for him to be proud of her.

For those of you looking for tidbits on my novel in progress here’s an excerpt:

Colin, wanting to be certain his partner wasn’t making this call under duress, calmly replied, “Sure, as soon as you tell me your favorite flavor of ice cream.”

“Mint chocolate chip,” she replied in a calm but urgent tone.

Colin knew by the response that she was safe and not under duress, since rocky road was their code flavor for trouble. “Okay, where am I going and how do you know it’s safe?” he asked.

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