Editing is painful

After much angst and many struggles I decided I need to rewrite some of the early chapters of my manuscript. It was painful for me to have to tear apart the words I had written and polished several times over, but it was necessary.

After some chocolate to strengthen my resolve to cut and splice my work ┬ásat down at the keyboard….

What happened?

I just couldn’t change it that much. So what I did was start something else. Yep I tinkered with another writing project. This got the plot bunnies bouncing. After toying with the outline for what will hopefully be a sequel to the first one. Still I could do nothing towards the editing.

Life went on and my husband had corrective eye surgery, so writing took a back seat. I was in the waiting room with him when it struck. A flashback was the answer to my issue.

Creative use of a flashback would give much needed backstory while at the same time allow me to move the novel forward.

It’s a compromise between totally rewriting the beginning of my novel and ignoring the advice of a professional in the publishing industry.

well back to stitching it all together…

Stitching together the old and the new.
Stitching together the old and the new.

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