Customer Service makes all the difference.

A deployed husband and an Army wife in a wheelchair, add to that the fact I know nothing about vehicles or much of anything involving tools and you have a recipe for disaster. Between the wheelchair and two cars I have 12 wheels that all need to be maintained and kept operational.

Things that complicate these issues:

I hate driving my husbands car, no seriously I wont do it.

I can’t be without my van, nope not even for one night.

I’m not the best at tightening the nuts and bolts on my chair, I know where they are but tightening them, well…

Let’s face add all of this up and it could have been a real disaster, it had all of the right ingredients. There has been one person who has saved all 12 of my wheels, yes even the wheelchair more than once this year.

Who is this awesome person?

None other than my favorite service manager at my local Chrysler dealership. (No, he didn’t pay me to write this in fact he’ll probably try to persuade me not to publish it.)

This is where I’ve really struck gold! No seriously, I know people always say don’t go to a dealership they are over priced, well I won’t go anywhere else. (unless my preferred service advisor leaves)

I go to the Hendrick Chrysler dealership. My service manager the one I completely trust is John McMurtray. He has gone out of his way to provide the best possible service. I’ve watched him do some amazing things, and not just for me. I’ve seen him help a customer decide what really needs doing now, not just based on what he can sell you, but based on your safety. He will tell you the truth!

He has gone above and beyond for me and many other customers. I’ve both witnessed this and been on the receiving end many times. I’ve seen him come in on his day off to handle something that has gone wrong, I’ve seen him work late and come to work early. I trust his opinion to the point I give him a dollar amount and tell him not to exceed it and there will be no questions asked. He has never violated this trust or taken advantage of it. I’ve recommended him to friends, I truly think he is a gem in the automotive service world.

John has helped me with both vehicles and even tightened the various nuts and bolts on my wheelchair. I can honestly say I’m not sure I would have been as safe or worry free this past year without his assistance.

As my year alone comes to an end I can think of no better way to thank the man who made sure I was always safe and mobile than to tell the world.



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