Brad Thor, A Penley Painting and more

The day had a rough start. I was having trouble getting out the door. We had no hot water, so a shower was not possible. I sighed and just figured I’d showered at the hotel before the event, so I loaded the last few items and pulled out. I will say my hubby took 5 minutes to load six jars of his homemade beer into the van, in hopes Brad would enjoy it since he couldn’t accompany me.

(For those of you who do not know I am recovering from ankle surgery, so I’m using a wheelchair and crutches to get around.)

The details of the actual trip will be another post.

I arrived at the Books For Heroes event about three hours early. The place was already buzzing with activity. People were stopping in to buy books, others were setting up the microphone, food was starting to arrive.

There was one final touch a Penley painting mentioned in the book was being hung. The best part was Brad Thor had no idea the painting was going to be there.

The Penley painting mentioned in Brad Thor's Hidden Order
The Penley painting mentioned in Brad Thor’s Hidden Order

The look on his face when he saw it was amazing, sorry I couldn’t capture it. I was in the back of the room. After admiring the painting the next item Brad Thor noticed was the American Flag. So he asked that we say the Pledge of Allegiance , which everyone did happily. Then he went on to speak about his writing, including how he got started. His advice to anyone wanting to write, is “Write what you read.” After his talk he started signing books. The first people invited up the get their copies of Hidden Order signed were those with young children. Then were people with numbers. He happily took photos with everyone there. I was floored by his energy level. I was thrilled when my turn arrived. Yes, he even happily enjoyed one of hubby’s home brews.

Brad Thor enjoying the home brew sent by my husband David.
Brad Thor enjoying the home brew sent by my husband David.

He was so upbeat, enthusiastic and happy to meet all of his fans. Everyone who wanted was able to get their picture taken with my favorite thriller writer.


I learned one other interesting thin on my trip. Jeff Foxworthy is also a huge fan.

IMG_2540Yes I got to meet both Brad Thor & Jeff Foxworthy in one day. Jeff said he would have loved to stay for the event but had family obligations.

As far as the event itself went, 200 books were sold!!! I could write pages about this event, however I wanted to keep it short.

Note to Brad Thor:  Thank you for the opportunity to say the Pledge of Allegiance. It is something that seems to be getting lost and overlooked lately.


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