Attention to detail….

Observing many of the people around me I have noticed something. There are many who seem to pay little or no attention to detail. Now none of these people are writers, they are just your average person. 

Perfect example: cashier and cigarettes

Customer: I want a pack of x brand 100’s, in a box.

Cashier: Ok, then walks to the display behind her to get them.

Customer: I asked for the 100’s

Cashier: oh sorry, returns to rack, comes back again

Customer: I wanted brand X 100’s in a box, this is a soft pack

I will said on the third try the cashier did get it correct, but the customer and everyone else behind him was totally frustrated at this point.  What should have been a two minute transaction took almost six minutes. I was the person right behind this customer as all of this was going on.

When writers and others read a book or manuscript what do they love and pick apart when critiquing it?

The details.

Another great example, I volunteer at the local Airborne Museum. There is a real plane suspended from the ceiling. There are lights and sounds coming from the  plane. I watch at least 10 people walk right under it and never notice it every time I am there.


One day after a tour a guest said “I thought there’d be more planes.” I responded: “did you see the one on the ceiling?”

“there’s a plane on the ceiling?”

Yes follow me.

I walk them back in and after a few feet point up.

Oh wow I never noticed that. I proceeded to walk with them through the museum pointing out various other items I find interesting and have taken the time to learn about.

At the end of this the guest thanked me and commented: “wow I never noticed half that stuff, I’ll have to come back again.”

All in all I am amazed at how many people go through life just not paying attention. 

If there is one thing I’d like to see is people being more aware of their surroundings.

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