Army Wife Duties, coffee and other musings

Well today has been busy. I have not been writing but working on Army wife things. I had a meeting with the Family Readiness Group leader for my husbands battery. We have come up with a number of fundraising ideas, and future fun activities. I hope some of our ideas come to pass especially the Valentines Day one. That one will take some doing though since time is short. Yes I said short, you try getting the army to move quickly on anything. We had coffee and sweets. Thankfully I noticed the coffee level was low and picked up more. 

It’s also a great time to be at home writing since we are having foul weather. Well foul for this area. Lots of places are closing early, and everyone is encouraged to stay home. That’s fine with me, time to settle in with a fresh cup of coffee and get writing.

Well it’s time to get back to the novel. Chapter 5 is calling my name.

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