An open letter to congress!!

Okay I understand that there were some breaks in protocol concerning the invitation of Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is not the first thing I would call a break in protocol. No other president has stuck his tongue out in a selfie. I consider this a breech of protocol as it demeans the office. All presidents must understand that the office is bigger than any one president. This is something I think this president in particular has overlooked.

I think what PM Netanyahu has to say on the issue of our negotiations with Iran  is important. His country is a lot closer to the problem than we are. His country has been threatened by Iran. They have publicly stated they want to wipe Israel off the map or into the sea. Does this not sound like a threat? I sure think it does.

I do not think we can trust Iran. I have read the biography of Reza Kahlili titled A time to betray. I encourage everyone who thinks we can trust Iran to read it. I think this book should be mandatory reading for every member of congress. It tells the story of how one man wanted to save the people of his country by betraying his government. The book also tells how they evade sanctions.

Yes they know how to bypass and evade sanctions. They have been evading them for decades. How else do you think they got the equipment to produce nuclear material in the first place? Yes the sanctions are hurting the economy however the sanctions have not changed the goals of the regime. They might claim they have changed but if in my opinion if you buy that ….

Now congress get over the breech in protocol and buck up and listen to what Netanyahu has to say. I never think it hurts anyone to listen and gain information. So tell the President to stop with the selfies and you stop with the tantrums.

I am so sick of tantrums on both sides. I’m thinking of entering my cat in the election we all know where she stands and we all know she can be bought. Diana kitty also doesn’t have a cell phone or know how to take a selfie. What scares me is that people have said they would seriously vote for a cat over what we have now. No, I’m not talking about one or two friends I’m talking about over 100 people. This must say something about what people think of the state of politics.

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