An 8 sentence excerpt from my manuscript…..

Dominic lay in the prone position under the pews his weapon trained on the door. Kate took up a position just inside the door and sent a series of three clicks over the radio. There was no response.  Kate wanted to go outside and help her partner, but knew that if anyone came in here Dominic might not be able to stop them from taking the prisoners.  Several moments passed, she exited the church to find Collin loading an unconscious bound and gagged man into the back of the van.

“Don’t tell me we are ignoring the radio again, “ she called out.

Nope I won’t tell you where in the manuscript this comes from….


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    • I will post the next few lines in the coming days. I am so pleased it makes you want to know more…. To think this was in the middle of a spontaneously added shootout. Just follow my blog and you’ll be sure to get this and any other musings I post.

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