A new direction or at least new additions

All of a sudden I realized what my novel needed. The other side of the story. All of my chapters were from the protagonists point of view. While I had developed the antagonist in a character sketch most of these details were missing from the novel itself.

I have set about adding the necessary chapters into my novel. Yes this will add time to me completing the manuscript but it will make it better much better. I also feel that this will make the novel more likely to be published. With the knowledge that all of the great thrillers and even the Harry Potter novels contain such chapters I write on with a new intensity I have not felt for a long while.

As a reward for following my blog here is yet another excerpt.

Kate wandered around taking in her surroundings before sitting with her back against the well. Her head was pounding and she was exhausted, but it was not yet time for sleep she needed a plan.  After a short while the puzzle pieces began to fall into place a picture of what was to come was forming in her head. Her thoughts gathered she stood and started to head back towards the monastery. The sound of an approaching vehicle stops her. It was way to late for normal people to be out wandering these back roads, was the only thought that flashed through her mind, as she lay prone near the gravel path. Her eyes are sweeping the area when she thinks she sees someone out of the corner of her eye. Just then the car began to slow, it turned off its headlights.

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