A haircut that ended my writers block

I had long hair, it was about halfway down my back. I had been telling my husband I was going to cut it off for months. Well yesterday I decided to actually do it.

I went short real short. Then as I was driving home something happened. My writers block lifted as I arrived at home. If I didn’t know better I’d say the hair was the cause of the writers block, but…. I think it was more the feeling of having done something fun.

My hair now takes 2 minutes to wash versus 10 minutes and there is something fun and freeing about not having to care for long hair.

It’s the same kind of hair style I picture my Kate my main character having, that may indeed have something to do with it. Well enough about my hair for now.

In other news I started a website, I know this is sort of putting the cart before the horse since I don’t have a debut date for my novel but… I took the plunge anyway.

Check it out.

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