A Mom who cares (Baltimore Riot)

Like the rest of the country I was glued to the coverage of the riots in Baltimore. Nope I’m not taking a position on the overall mess except to say we don’t know all the facts yet. One other thing, why destroy your own neighborhood?

Anyway I was watching the coverage online when I saw this. A mother who went to the riots and found her son to take him home. The video is well worth the watch.

A mom who cared enough to go get her son off the streets. She cared enough to make sure he was home safe so he would not be arrested or worse. She cared enough to stop what she was doing and go find him. A mom who didn’t care what anyone else thought, she wanted her kid home. A mom who just wanted to do what was best for her son.

Why weren’t there a hundred moms like this out there?

Why weren’t there some Dads out there doing this too?

I understand there is pain and anger in the community I just don’t see how stealing things and trashing your neighborhood is going to make people listen to your point. There was a church group shown on the news that was out there singing songs trying to change to atmosphere, so not all of the coverage was negative.

To the brave mom I’d love to talk to you, contact me via my blog.


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