I took a month off…


I finished editing my manuscript. Let’s face it, I was worn out. I walked, well rolled away from my keyboard. I needed time away from the pressure of writing, and editing. I did occasionally write, but it was work on a short story or two not my manuscript. 89,000 words is a lot of typing and thinking. There was a second reason for me “dropping off the planet.” My husband who had been gone for a year was on leave. I’m back now, feeling refreshed. I’m sorry if you felt like I had neglected or abandoned you, but it …

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The Cry of the Words (Flash Fiction)

The words on the page cried out, each demanding to stay. None wanted to be deleted or changed in anyway. That was not what was going to happen. Changes were coming.

A deft hand was required to cut only the fluff, the tough stuff had to remain. It was the heart of the story.

To show or tell, she had to decide. There was no need to show a blank countryside. The tale was shown, a few bits told, since everything need not be detailed.

The words were hers and she would force them to paint the scene in her head.

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Fighting Spirit

When a friend showed me Shadow Eagle by Andrei Kope, I knew I had found the artist that could bring an image of the American Bald Eagle to life and give him Fighting Spirit.

I commissioned Andrei Kope to create the piece of the American bald eagle with a flag and I’m definitely not disappointed. Every few days, Andrei teased me with images of his progress, allowing me to put in my two cents. The eagle quickly took on a life of its own and I was getting a patriotic shot in the arm. Below are some of the images …

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I took some time out for Christmas…

Yes, you read that right. This crazy Jew took time out to help others have a bright and cheerful holiday.

I was invited by the local Daughters of the Revolution chapter to join them in decorating the local Fisher House. They are a place for people to stay while they or their families receive medical treatment.

Here are the lovely ladies from the local DAR group:

These lovely ladies were well organized and thought of everything, including the presents for under the tree. There were over seventy presents under the tree when they were done.

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Customer Service makes all the difference.

A deployed husband and an Army wife in a wheelchair, add to that the fact I know nothing about vehicles or much of anything involving tools and you have a recipe for disaster. Between the wheelchair and two cars I have 12 wheels that all need to be maintained and kept operational.

Things that complicate these issues:

I hate driving my husbands car, no seriously I wont do it.

I can’t be without my van, nope not even for one night.

I’m not the best at tightening the nuts and bolts on my chair, I know where they are but tightening …

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