Stuck at a cross roads

I am sitting here doing some writing sessions with a fellow writer. What is a writing session, well we set a time frame and each work on our own projects. My usual writing partner is not even on the same continent as I am but we get a lot done when we work together. Since I am stuck I decided to take a break from the novel and post a few lines from it. Yes these lines are a bit out of context but…. I can’t give the whole story away now can I.

Chapter 1 (this is actually the opening …

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Voting done, but chapter 5 is not

Well the voting for military spouse of the year, is closed or will be in a matter of moments. I wont know the results until the 25th. I did not run all over trying to get votes, and while it would be wonderful to win, I was just honored and amazed when my husband nominated me. 

Now chapter 4 has been sent back from Dad, he did it in no time. Well more like one night. He’s so fast it amazes me. He wants the next chapter tomorrow, gasp. I have started on the tweaking of chapter 5 but I …

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Chapter 4

Well chapter 4 is done. It’s been sent off to Dad for editing. I had not done a good job describing the setting in chapter 4 so some last minute research was needed. After scouring the web for photos and using a phone a friend, I was able to complete it. 

I then took a break and watched some tv. I watched an older episode of Iron Chef America with hubby and the fur kids.


     Chapter 5 of course is next. After I spend a few hours at the …

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Hello World

Hi I am a new writer. I am currently working on a spy thriller. I started this as a Nanowrimo project and hope to get it published. Follow me along my journey; you never know what I will post.

My hobbies include geocaching, soldiers Angels, and volunteering at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum (ASOM). I have been volunteering with Soldiers Angels since 2003. I just started volunteering with ASOM after we moved to FT Bragg NC. When I am not writing or taking care of the fur kids Philip & Diana I might be building something in minecraft, or …

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