An amazing server made our night….

A spur of the moment decision took us to On the border. Well we were not sure what to expect with the restaurant being so slow, but we went for it anyway. There were a few brave souls on the patio, we opted for the dining room.

Shortly after getting our guacamole live I was freezing. For those of you who don’t know I’m always cold. Our wonderful server Heather suggested we move to a table in a section that had a fireplace. She started the gas fireplace just for us. Then she set the table closest to the fire for us. A short time later I was warm and cozy. Heather also demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of the menu and what was in each of the dishes. This was very impressive to me as I can’t eat pork. She knew what it was hiding in, and was ready with suggestions.

So perfect entrees ordered clear of food allergies, and a warm cozy place to sit. I was in heaven, or at least heaven on earth. Our entrees arrived exactly as ordered customizations and all. I was once again impressed. Why? It seems I’ve had issues at almost every place I’ve visited in the last few months. Even fast food places have been giving me grief.

When it was clear I was not going to finish my food Heather went and got to go boxes, even making some fresh tortillas for me to enjoy with my food at home.  She went a step further and brought separate containers for my beans and rice. I was once again impressed. I did at one point speak to her manager Joe just to tell him how about the wonderful service she was providing.

I don’t talk to managers about average service but I have long ago made it a rule that outstanding or awful service will result in me having a conversation with your manager. I also tip accordingly, so yes Heather earned an nice tip for her outstanding service. I think we need a lot more attentive servers like her. She turned an average night out into the perfect date night.

Thank you Heather.

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