The Cry of the Words (Flash Fiction)

The words on the page cried out, each demanding to stay. None wanted to be deleted or changed in anyway. That was not what was going to happen. Changes were coming.

A deft hand was required to cut only the fluff, the tough stuff had to remain. It was the heart of the story.

To show or tell, she had to decide. There was no need to show a blank countryside. The tale was shown, a few bits told, since everything need not be detailed.

The words were hers and she would force them to paint the scene in her head.

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Fighting Spirit

When a friend showed me Shadow Eagle by Andrei Kope, I knew I had found the artist that could bring an image of the American Bald Eagle to life and give him Fighting Spirit.

I commissioned Andrei Kope to create the piece of the American bald eagle with a flag and I’m definitely not disappointed. Every few days, Andrei teased me with images of his progress, allowing me to put in my two cents. The eagle quickly took on a life of its own and I was getting a patriotic shot in the arm. Below are some of the images …

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