I said No!

I like many other wheelchair users pride myself on being independent. There are a few, very few things that give me trouble on a daily basis. I can but hate to pump my own gas, I can’t reach the top shelf of the closet, I’ve never changed my own oil. 

I was out getting some food from one of my favorite places that has been ruined for me many times by either staff of other customers who were overly helpful. At first it was the staff, the once told me I wasn’t allowed to carry my own sandwich to the …

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Brad Thor, I blame you for changing my life. (For the better)

First those of you who don’t know me, I must confess I’m a huge Brad Thor fan.

  • Seriously, I blame you for two to three sleepless nights a year, yes your books are that good.
  • For getting me to start writing again
  • For me finishing my manuscript
  • For getting me on a plane for the first time in three years
    • I had a gift to deliver so my husband David takes some of the blame for this one.
  • For getting me and countless other Americans to open our eyes and take a serious look …

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Rant: Show some consideration….

Ann Bell Feinstein

Today I wanted to go the convenience store here on post during lunchtime. I was hungry and needed a few small items they normally have. So I chose the one closest to my home, not my normal one. When I arrived all of the handicapped spaces were full and not all of them had placards or license plats allowing them to park in these spaces. I do have a placard and with my wheelchair it’s almost a necessity. I drove around the lot for twenty minutes finally a handicapped space opened up. I still couldn’t use it. Why? Someone riding …

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