Be Respectful

The Flag of this great nation

Every night the citizens of this great country sleep undisturbed because others are standing guard. Less than 10% of this nation has served in the military. Also these days it seems as if being a police officer is a bad thing. Both the military and police officers have tough jobs, show them the support and respect they deserve.

I’d like to thank all those who protect and serve us be they police, fire, emergency medical, …

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An open letter to congress!!

Okay I understand that there were some breaks in protocol concerning the invitation of Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is not the first thing I would call a break in protocol. No other president has stuck his tongue out in a selfie. I consider this a breech of protocol as it demeans the office. All presidents must understand that the office is bigger than any one president. This is something I think this president in particular has overlooked.

I think what PM Netanyahu has to say on the issue of our negotiations with Iran  is important. His country is a lot closer …

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