It’s not about just 1 day

My husband is deployed. I have noticed some of the little things he always did that I took for granted.

  • Coffee does not make itself in the mornings.
  • Laundry does not fold itself
  • Laundry does not put itself away
  • Trash does not take itself out
  • The large trash can is no fun to take out
  • I don’t automatically wake up at the right time every day.

I miss you David. I know doing all of these little chores is your way of showing me how much you love me every day.

Happy Valentines Day!!!! I love you tons …

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I think It’s the 1930’s again. Can we learn from history?

Comparing ISIL to 1939 Germany:


First off I feel that I must explain a few things you might not know about me:

  • I am a news junkie.
  • I have a love for history.
  • I am Jewish, yes a practicing Jew.
  • I watched every minute of the twenty-two minute video showing the Jordanian pilot being burned to death.

First I must explain what prompted me to watch such a horrific video. I wanted to see the horror with my own eyes. I felt it was also a way to look into the past, I thought about the concentration …

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