Bones On The Surface by Joshua J. Johnson: Blog Tour

Bones On The Surface by Joshua J. Johnson: Blog Tour– Day 2


Synopsis: Bones, the skeleton, is bored of being in the Death Room — a lively room underneath a graveyard with coffins lining the walls and squashy, red couches. The trouble is… skeletons are forbidden from leaving. One day, Bones and his best friend — Rattles — escape from the Death Room. Where will they go and what will they do? Will Bones ever be able to accept his place in life?

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I’ve run away sort of…..

Well it was time for another road trip hence my recent absence. This road trip was for a good cause though, not just to get out of my local area. We drove to Fort Sill to greet the Soldiers of the 4-3 ADA returning from a year long deployment.  The soldiers arrived in two groups, just over 12 hours apart. I will be posting a video collage from both ceremonies.

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