A new direction or at least new additions

All of a sudden I realized what my novel needed. The other side of the story. All of my chapters were from the protagonists point of view. While I had developed the antagonist in a character sketch most of these details were missing from the novel itself.

I have set about adding the necessary chapters into my novel. Yes this will add time to me completing the manuscript but it will make it better much better. I also feel that this will make the novel more likely to be published. With the knowledge that all of the great thrillers and …

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My absence….

First I must apologize to my readers. I am sorry for my long absence in blogging. While many things have been going on they have not been suitable for blogging. I don’t like blogging about other peoples issues I have been busy with a large number of things, just when they were calming down the Jewish High Holidays arrived. The arrival of the holidays extended my absence.

That being said the novel is progressing though it is going a bit slower than I would like.  As a reward here is an excerpt from the thriller ….


With her Sig …

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