Suicide in the ranks

As I sit here at my keyboard I am saddened by the actions of a soldier. He attempted to take his own life the other night.

Thanks the the quick actions of other soldiers that were near him, “Soldier Smith” is alive.

As an army wife I have heard the statistics and heard of this happening in other units. I never really thought about it happening in a unit I love and care about. “It’s the it wont happen to me syndrome.” (Please note as I write this my emotions are still raw, this was a recent event.)

I am …

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Flash Fiction: Oh dark thirty

It would come, it always came. The time when he had to rise before the sun. He shaved and started the morning brew. He dressed and  laced up his boots, stopping to kiss his slumbering bride before he left. There was no calling out sick in his profession. His job was a passion, he was willing to stand in the breech to keep others safe. 

Today might be training, but as they always say train how you fight.

It was dark as he felt the helmet on his head, and cold steel of the rifle in his hand. Today was …

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8 sentence excerpt from my WIP

I’m glad I didn’t miss the linky list for Weekend Writing warriors this week. (I did last week. For those of you who missed my excerpt about the radio click here.)

Upon reaching the apartment on the upper level of the bar, she encountered a locked door. Just as she was about to knock, she heard the distinct sound of a shotgun being cocked.

“Stop!” yelled Kate “It’s Claire. I brought a friend. We have come to get you out of here.”

“We thought you were those fools …

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Flash Fiction: The Nap

After a long hard day of work and errands he collapsed on the sofa, but he was not alone. Soon his lap was filled with the sounds of a small motor. It was a purr motor emanating from the furry creature in his lap. His faithful kitty friend was always there to greet him. Soon they’d both drift off into slumber. 

After a refreshing snooze they both awoke happy and content and went about the rest of their evening. Their special time was always the nap, complete with purring and cuddling.Image

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Here’s the 8 sentences I promised a while back…

First an apology I’ve been swamped with stuff to do other than my blog or any kind of writing. I did miss the chance to get my link in with Weekend Writing Warriors but here are my 8 any way. (Yes this tells you why the radio wasn’t used.) To view my previous 8 for context click here.

I would have answered, but it took the brunt of a knife attack.” Collin replied as he produced the broken radio.  “Lets get everyone down stairs before anyone else …

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