The Night the lights went out…

It was late, we will just say 0-dark thirty (oh dark thirty) which is slang for late or really early in the military. I was pounding keys, hubby was napping on the sofa. (I gave up on him going to bed hours before this.)

When all of the sudden it went dark, not just the room I was in but, the entire neighborhood. Given I was working on a particularly violent scene, this truly startled me. With some effort I roused hubby from his sleep, but the spell was broken, even after securing an oil lamp I could not go …

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An 8 sentence excerpt from my manuscript…..

Dominic lay in the prone position under the pews his weapon trained on the door. Kate took up a position just inside the door and sent a series of three clicks over the radio. There was no response.  Kate wanted to go outside and help her partner, but knew that if anyone came in here Dominic might not be able to stop them from taking the prisoners.  Several moments passed, she exited the church to find Collin loading an unconscious bound and gagged man into the back of the van.

“Don’t tell me we are ignoring the radio again, “ …

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The New Prince and a bit of a rant

I watched along with the rest of the world as the new Prince of Cambridge made his first public appearance. I was then amazed at the normalcy displayed by the simple act of his father Prince William driving his family home. This made me ponder the young child’s upbringing.

The fact that he is royalty will most certainly have an impact however I can also see William and Kate insisting on some normalcy. My guess (no I’m not an avid royal watcher) is that they will raise him with morals, values and teach him the value of hard work. The …

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Another weekend rolling around

At some point last week, I decided it was time to stop letting my ankle surgery from keeping me down. It started with my husband David needing a new cover for his ACH (army helmet). So being the good army wife I was off to clothing and sales. (That’s the place on base where you buy uniforms and related items.) I got the cover and rank sewn on, nope they don’t use velcro on the helmets.  I then ran a few other errands, alone. This was something I had not attempted often since the surgery.

I even managed to cook …

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Brad Thor, A Penley Painting and more

The day had a rough start. I was having trouble getting out the door. We had no hot water, so a shower was not possible. I sighed and just figured I’d showered at the hotel before the event, so I loaded the last few items and pulled out. I will say my hubby took 5 minutes to load six jars of his homemade beer into the van, in hopes Brad would enjoy it since he couldn’t accompany me.

(For those of you who do not know I am recovering from ankle surgery, so I’m using a wheelchair and crutches to …

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Flash Fiction… It’s Not Optional

The hot brown liquid called his name.

He stumbled down the hall to start the brew.

The smell of the brew filled his nostrils.

He knew it would soon be done.

He filled a mug with the brew, inhaling the sweet aroma.

The brew slid down his throat providing that much needed morning jolt.

His brew now poured and being consumed, the morning was brighter.

The feeling of life provided by the coffee was not an option, it was needed to slay the beast of sleep.


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Flash Fiction… The Struggle

Her struggle was not evident to the outside. Her pain internal. The fight she fought on a daily basis, to stay in control. No one knew the fight within her soul. No one knew her struggle for control. Her struggle was with her own demons, they haunted her in the dark. Nights were the worse. Some days the beast would win, other times she won the fight. Her love for others helped keep the demons at bay. Could she help enough to slay the beast?

One tragedy provided her with the chance to slay the beast once and for all. …

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My thoughts on Independence Day (not the movie)

As an army wife this day brings many emotions to the forefront. Note all of these thoughts are ramblings are mine and mine alone. I don’t take an opinion poll before I write, I just write.

Fireworks, they weren’t the first explosives over our flag.

Independence is freedom. Freedom is never free, as we can lose it before the reality sinks in.

The meaning of the day is somewhat lost in the sales and cookouts. This day is supposed to remind us of why we can speak our mind. No don’t cancel the cookout, just add some history to it. …

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God made a military spouse…

God looked down at the military and said “They should not be alone. I need someone who can change plans on a moments notice, and smile the whole time.” So God made the military spouse.

“I need someone who can handle their loved one leaving at the ringing of a phone, with little notice, not knowing when they’ll return.” So God made the military spouse.

“I need someone strong enough to act as Mom and Dad to the little ones for a year or more at a time.” So God made the military spouse.

“I need someone who can deal …

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