Flying with the angels, while keeping my foot up

I’ve been very busy, between nursing my bad ankle and doing a ton of volunteer work I have not had a whole lot of time to post. What kind of volunteer work can I do with my leg up? Soldiers Angels, it’s been a time of letter writing. Then I was contacted by a friend who happens to be an Army chaplain. He relayed a very tragic story.

I just find out about a Soldier’s wife who is in need of prayer. I cannot disclose his identity nor his wife’s. But please open your heart and beg the Almighty to …

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The sounds of Freedom

Tonight I sat with my injured right leg up as my husband David, watched his alma mater play in the college world series. Yep, he had a beer in hand. The game was momentarily drowned out by the sounds of helicopters flying overhead. This was preceded by artillery training.

I have heard that some people living on base complain about the sounds caused by night time training exercises, I never have. To me just like the sounds of baseball coming from the TV they are the sounds of freedom. David made the choice to join the Army, I made the …

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Flash Fiction….The snap that changed everything

Who knew a broken ankle could change her life? Her ankle wasn’t so much broken as shattered. She was told her foot might have to go. Give up, wasn’t in her vocabulary, so she did what she always did, fight. Finally a doc that listened, he warned her things would be tough. She smiled through the tears and fought on. She regained her footing, only to hear that snap again twenty years later…….

Now older and feeling it more pain was that fire still inside even she didn’t know.

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Update on my novel & thoughts on Vince Flynn’s passing

Well I am almost done my 3rd rewrite. I’m waiting for Dad to get home from a trip to edit it. Then we shall see. I am excited about the next step in the process. 

I am bombarding my dear Dad with over 100 pages upon his return. Yep I love him dearly. I thank all of you for supporting me in my efforts to finish this. I’m sure there will still be work to be done, however there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I don’t think it’s a train.

I was saddened today by the …

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What my “Dad” means to me…

I must start off by saying I don’t know my biological father, my parents divorced at an early age. I did attempt to establish a relationship with him when I was in my 20’s, he wasn’t interested. The man I refer to as “Dad” in my blogs is really a great friend, who has been there for me for several years.

This wonderful man is part of what i call my chosen family. I never had a sister yet I found two women who fill that role in my life. As far as brothers go, I’ve got plenty I’m an …

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Editing, A ford truck in Italy???

Editing is a challenge for me. No it’s not just the commas that bug me, it’s more content related. I’m at a point in my book where I’m just not sure about part of the plot. Yes it’s plausible, not common, but plausible. 

I placed an old Ford truck in italy. The owner purchased it from a service man who was leaving the country and didn’t want to take it home. He uses it in his vineyard. 

I’d love some feedback on this.

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Flash Fiction…..Little things

It’s always the little things you miss:

Your favorite chips, your pillow.

Someone making your favorite coffee just right without having to be told.

Knowing your way around the house in the dark.

Your furry friend greeting you at the door.

The kids running up and down the hall.

The smell of your yard in the rain.

It’s the little things you miss when you are away from home.

The memories of them live on in your heart, no matter where your travels may take you, but there’s nothing like coming home to them.

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Amazing Angels who accomplish many things wingtip to wingtip.

An Angel is a giver of kindness and mercy. While this might be said of all, I know the most amazing angels of all.

They are Soldiers Angels.

A group of unsung heroes from all walks of life. They have one thing in common. A wish that “May No Soldier Go Unloved.”

These angels open their hearts to help the soldiers, they ask nothing in return.

The biggest gift you can give one of these angels is a thank you. If you really want to make their day and you’re deployed “Free Mail” is a huge present.

As an Army …

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Volunteer Luncheon

I was voluntold by several people to attend a luncheon today. With me being on crutches and using a wheel chair for bigger outings I was reluctant. I am also not a fan of praise for the volunteer things I do, I prefer to fly under the radar.

I want to share with you the lovely word my husband wrote about me and my volunteer work (He didn’t want to write the blog post so…)

My wife Ann:

Ann does more good than anyone knows.

She is always smiling, and willing to help.

She’ll get up at 3am to make …

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