Flash Fiction: The Bag

This came to me when my husband and I were talking about his basic training days. I have also had several conversations with other active duty soldiers.


The Bag

The bag was filled with many things.

There was even room for a few hopes and dreams.

The top of the class was the goal.

He ran he pushed and pulled to try and achieve.

His goal he did achieve.

Rather than go visit with friends, off to sand he was sent.

The bag was now green, once again filled with many things.

There was even room for a few …

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Flash Fiction: The Photo

It was worn and faded, hard to make out.

The corners were gone, but it was all he had.

He held onto that photo every night.

He’d fall into slumber with it on his chest, wishing she were there.

He was in a distant land, sent by Uncle Sam.

She was left alone, to tend their home.

The photo was all he had to hold, when the night turned cold.

Every night she would kiss his photo before she climbed into an empty bed.

She knew it wasn’t fair, but her heart loved a soldier sent to fight.

The photo …

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When a picture is all you have left

If you follow my blog, you know I started a Facebook page to help reunite with their lost photos and mementos that were scattered when the tornadoes hit. Okay I was once again asked to explain why I took my time and energy to do this. 

What if you woke up and found everything was gone, your house no longer existed, your whole world had been torn apart; what could you cling to?

Memories of course. What is a better memory than that special trinket or photo. It may look like nothing to others, but …

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An Apology, sort of….

I want to apologize to my Facebook and twitter followers for flooding them with information about the tornado. Why I did it needs to be explained. I lived in the Moore OK area, and worked there for 10 years. I have a large number of followers from that part of the country. 

I felt helpless and wanted to do what I could from my current home in NC. So after a frenzied night of trying to write while keeping up I came up with something I could do and not keep flooding my writer friends. 

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Flash Fiction 3 Tornado

Note I lived through the May 3rd 1999 tornados in Oklahoma. I almost drove right into the storm.

Sounds of a train fill my ears, no tracks are near.

The rain lashes the window, the walls appear to breath.

Shelter is needed, but it is too late, the storm is here.

A closet will have to do as the sounds of the train roar through.

Things rattle and shake, you’d think it was a quake.

The hail pelts the windows, as I shiver in place.

Crashing and smashing is heard.

Will I have a home, flashes through my mind.

The …

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25% of the way

Last night I realized I am 25% of the way through the rewrite of my manuscript. It feels good to see progress. Now I need to push forward to 50%.

Yes I have it written but I am polishing and refining. I want this manuscript to shine. Many thanks  to my Dad for being my editor, he’s been awesome at cleaning up the grammar & punctuation.  Hmm I just realized he doesn’t follow and probably doesn’t even know about my blog I guess I should make sure to send him the link.

Well enough of the random ramblings time to …

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Is life easy or hard? I say it’s seasoning.

I’d say neither it’s what you make of it. I know that’s cliche but…

I was speaking with Amy another army wife. (Yes I did ask her if I could use her first name in this post.) Let me tell you a bit about Amy. Oh forget the telling let me show you in literary terms.

At 7am on a Saturday morning I knocked, well banged on Amy’s door. I was certain I’d woken them but that couldn’t be helped. I was holding an infant (not mine) in a carseat going I need your help. Amy’s two older children stumbled …

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Late but worth it…




The picture above is a display in the WWII section of the museum.

My time at ASOM on Saturdays is something very special I hate to miss it. I went this past saturday and was once again to meet someone very special. I met and chatted with a member of the special forces. He was simply there with his son and a few other kids. Hearing his descriptions as we walked through the modern section of the exhibits truly brought the museum …

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Shameless Plug

Today, I’m honored to be a guest blogger on Ann’s blog today. As I contemplated on what to write about today, I realized that I can take this opportunity to shamelessly plug my debut paranormal romance novel, “Haunting”. It is available for free today only on Amazon. Free! I mean, seriously, who can’t afford free?


But free advertising aside, I just wanted to give everyone a little advice. In life, there are those who are reasonable, sensible people who always do exactly what is expected of them… even if it makes them miserable. Then, there are those who don’t …

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