The secret I kept…

No one and I do mean no one knew until today I had started on the MS for a second novel. None of my author buddies, not even my husband had a clue. I am amazed I managed to keep it quiet when I met with BJ Sheldon, trust me that was fun, but not an easy secret to keep.

I started in on a second manuscript, nope I am not revealing anything except it’s done at least rough draft #1 of book 2.

Okay I give, you can stop twisting my arm now. The initials I am using for …

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Where else did I go….

After spending the night at Andrews Air Force base hotel, we headed out to explore the base a bit. The Air Force does have some great static displays.

IMG_2337We found this one near the flight line aka the runway. We were not far from the hanger of Airforce One, hoping there was an old one on display, nope just this small jet.

After a bit more roaming around we went off in search of …

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Where have I been ……..

Late Wednesday night I pulled away from my house. I needed a road trip and had come up with a series of reasons to go. So I was off and running, with Hubby napping in the back of my red van I headed north on I-95. I was Heading off to meet another one of my author friends BJ Sheldon.


BJ & I sat and talked, hubby decided to disappear to the gym. We were totally fine with that since we were so in the …

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Flash Fiction – Slumber Denied

The sunlight blazed through the uncovered window. The feeling of fur flashed passed her nose; a voice was talking in the background, even though no other humans were about.  She once again felt fur flash past her nose; the voices changed in the background there were now two competing voices. Her hand reached around to find the furry creature. She missed; the furry creature fled. Her eyes fluttered open intending to quiet the din. Turning off the television she had left on and stopping the podcast rolled over she  wanted more sleep. Sunlight and kitten denied her return to slumber

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Guest Post … Kevin Reeve`of On Point Tactical

Given recent events I felt this was information everyone should have.

I am not saying you should stay inside and never leave, I am simply asking that when you are out and about you pay more attention to your surroundings, it could save your life.

Kevin Reeve of On Point Tactical has some very impressive credentials. Read more about him at his website

Yanks….Situational Awareness….by Kevin Reeve, onPoint Tactical

I have a friend who stepped off the curb and was hit and killed by a vehicle running a red light.  He was 40 years …

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Guest post… By Kevin Reeve of On Point Tactical

Given recent events I felt this was information everyone should have.

Kevin Reeve of On Point Tactical has some very impressive credentials. Read more about him at his website. There will be one more guest post by Kevin Reeve tomorrow, I have his permission to repost these blogs as guest posts.


Apr 19 2013

How To Be Safe in Crowds by Kevin Reeve

have been asked several times since the Boston Marathon Bombing about how to manage risk in a large crowd environment.  One answer is simple:  Unless you are absolutely required to be in …

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Writing in the face of tragedy

This country has suffered not one but two tragic events in the past week. There was the horrific bombing in Boston. Three innocent lives were lost in this act of terrorism, but great kindness was shown with strangers helping strangers. The city will heal. Then just when we started to catch our breath a small town in TX called West suffered from what appears to be a tragic accident. A fertilizer plant had a fire that turned into an explosion. There was another scene of death and destruction rolling on the tv.

In the face of all of this how …

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Tragedy in Boston and how it can change plot lines

First off I want to offer my thoughts and prayers for those who were killed or injured in the terrorist attack on the Boston marathon.

Next comes the army wife, many thanks to the soldiers both National guard and active duty who were there, and immediately jumped into action. Tyler who is a member of the armed forces comforted a woman named Victoria wants to thank you. 

Now the writer in me will take over. How many writers particularly those who write suspense and thrillers ever thought of this. I urge you to write your plot lines with one thing …

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A haircut that ended my writers block

I had long hair, it was about halfway down my back. I had been telling my husband I was going to cut it off for months. Well yesterday I decided to actually do it.

I went short real short. Then as I was driving home something happened. My writers block lifted as I arrived at home. If I didn’t know better I’d say the hair was the cause of the writers block, but…. I think it was more the feeling of having done something fun.

My hair now takes 2 minutes to wash versus 10 minutes and there is something …

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