Writing the new chapters

After being informally asked by an agent to have a peak at my manuscript just for fun it was brought to my attention that a bit more setup was needed. So some new chapters had to be added as well as a few plot line changes. 

I have been working hard on accomplishing this. I have finished the first of the new chapters and am more than half way through the second new chapter. 

I will be sending them off to Dad in a few days. The new chapters are short but contain valuable information that the reader will need …

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A special Saturday at ASOM

This morning was not the Saturday to sleep in, despite the late night writing session last night. My husband David and I were due at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in a few hours. First on the agenda was coffee, running out of coffee in our house is a crime. After completing a number of the normal household type chores we changed and headed off to the museum for their Medal of Honor Day. We were both assigned biographies and tables in separate areas of the museum. I was given two biographies from Somalia. I was stationed …

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What have I been up to?

Well I took a road trip. Why? I turned a simple trip that could have been done in 2 days and turned it into a 3000 + mile road trip. Why?

I decided that using the car and driving I could get more done.

I left my home in NC and headed out for OK. I did have a traveling companion, Philip our kitten.


Philip had never been on a long road trip before, but he eventually adjusted.

I stopped in OK to see my Dad. The went on to Fort …

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It Finally Came

Today was the day we started making beds and filling the rooms with snacks for the returning soldiers of the 1-7 ADA. I can’t post the exact dates due to operational security, but I will say that the first group returns soon. The rest of the 1-7 ADA will follow shortly.

A group of 3 soldiers and 5 dedicated Army wives took up the task of gathering and readying the supplies the returning soldiers would need. The married soldiers will go home to their families, but what about those single soldiers who will be staying in the barracks?

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