The day the lights went out

I was happily working on chapter 9 when the doorbell rang. I went to the door to find out that they were installing an electric meter and our power would be out for about 30 minutes. Okay 30 minutes is not that bad. Unfortunately something went wrong.

One on the breakers that controls the power to the house broke and needed to be replaced. The maintenance staff didn’t have the part in stock. They called around and eventually found the part. By this time I was antsy and wanting to back to my dear plot bunnies. This was not …

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The perfect day to write…. NOT

The day started as a promising day to write, especially when the weather turned bad. Yes it snowed here at my home in NC. This is not a common occurrence. Well unfortunately despite wanting nothing more than to settle in at my keyboard and get some writing done, life called.

We are having some friends over for lunch tomorrow. I still needed to shop for some of the food, but…. it was snowing. To say the least going out was the last thing I wanted to do, but… It had to be done.

I did get some comedic relief when …

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Attention to detail….

Observing many of the people around me I have noticed something. There are many who seem to pay little or no attention to detail. Now none of these people are writers, they are just your average person. 

Perfect example: cashier and cigarettes

Customer: I want a pack of x brand 100’s, in a box.

Cashier: Ok, then walks to the display behind her to get them.

Customer: I asked for the 100’s

Cashier: oh sorry, returns to rack, comes back again

Customer: I wanted brand X 100’s in a box, this is a soft pack

I will said on the …

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The plot bunnies

My dear sweet plot bunnies have decided to go on strike. I am not certain why they went on strike. Well they are striking on the manuscript I want to finish, but bouncing on the second one, they seem to want me to write. 

I am trying to compromise with them, I will outline the second one and make it my Nanowrimo project for November. Until then I am insisting on polishing the first one.

I would simply use the titles, but just don’t want to give that away yet. They are only working titles anyway.

Does anyone know what …

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Working hard vs Hardly working

writing, lets make that clear. I spend hours at the keyboard every day. I just sent chapter 7 off to my dear Dad for his wonderful editing assistance. Why my Dad?

It’s simple he is a well respected foreign language professor, and willing to help me. He is also a published author in his own right, albeit in french.

Now back to the main topic is all this time at the keyboard work or am I hardly working?

Well since I love what I am doing, it doesn’t feel like work, despite the hours I am putting in. I think it’s …

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My thoughts on Valentines Day

In one week many people will be spending money on flowers, candy jewelry and the like. This one day has been made a focal point in numerous relationships. I think this is wrong. It should not be the one day of affection and love showered on a couple that sets the tone for their whole relationship. I think it’s the little things that one does every day for their partner or spouse that should set the tone.

I do countless small things for my husband on many days of the year. First if you don’t know me you must realize …

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Juggling Act

I was chatting with a friend yesterday, we were comparing schedules trying to figure out when to meet in person for lunch. After she looked at my schedule she asked me “How do you keep all of this straight and stay sane?”

I smiled and commented there is method in my madness. I will let all of you in on the secret.

It’s planning!

I use my outlook calendar that gets synced with my iPhone, if it isn’t on the calendar don’t hold your breath, not likely to happen. I also schedule everything in 15 minute blocks of time. 

I …

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Another Rewrite…..

I have spent a few days tweaking the first 2 chapters again. I am not making drastic changes mostly tweaking dialogue and tightening up some of the less important scenes. 

I have also been working on chapter 6, yes working on two sections of the book at the same time. I have never done two different sections of the book at the same time, so it’s a new adventure. I have been enjoying the switching between the time frames in the book. 

As if that wasn’t enough the plot bunnies are blessing me with the start of a new project. …

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