I can’t seem to find the right seasoning for chapter 6

I am trying to tweak chapter 6 to be more intriguing. I just can’t seem to find the right set of spices for this chapter. There could be a hint of romance but much more is not possible. My MC’s are off getting fake id’s made, kinda dry I know.  The fake id’s have been an integral part of 3 conversations and many things hinge on these id’s I feel the need to include it.

Ideas, hmmm

as I write this I am getting a few spice ideas.


Well I know you don’t come here to listen to me …

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Gathering sheets & Blankets for heroes.

Yes this FRG volunteer, and Soldiers Angel is rounding up 100 sets of twin bed sheets.


The 1-7 ADA stationed at Ft Bragg is returning from deployment. There are 100 single soldiers that will be put into an empty barracks room. They will most likely come in late at night and have very little with them. No one wants to see these soldiers sleeping on bare mattresses their first night back in the USA. We want to make their barracks rooms inviting and welcoming. 

So I have been asked to round up 100 sets of twin bed sheets, 100 …

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Chapter 5 is done!

Chapter 5 was a bit of a boring chapter. It is not boring now. I added some spices, the spices used were a tablespoon of intrigue, and a few dashes of well placed humor, and a tiny pinch of romance. I was worried about the length, until I checked out a few other novels from the same genre. My worries were alleviated.  

Now on to other things since it’s been a few days since I posted. I have been busy writing, while hubby has been to the range. I am proud of him, he qualified expert on his weapon. …

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Army Wife Duties, coffee and other musings

Well today has been busy. I have not been writing but working on Army wife things. I had a meeting with the Family Readiness Group leader for my husbands battery. We have come up with a number of fundraising ideas, and future fun activities. I hope some of our ideas come to pass especially the Valentines Day one. That one will take some doing though since time is short. Yes I said short, you try getting the army to move quickly on anything. We had coffee and sweets. Thankfully I noticed the coffee level was low and picked up more. 

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What I was doing vs what I should have been doing

Well I just couldn’t get back into my writing. I was missing my gamer friends. So… I went on my favorite minecraft server. I all but stopped playing in November, due in large part to Nanowrimo, writing 2,000 words a day or so seems to consume most of my spare time. Most days I don’t mind and find my writing fun. Every once in a while I just need to take a break. It worked sort of.
I found myself building some of the places in my novel. So much for a break, but now I can picture them …

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Stuck at a cross roads

I am sitting here doing some writing sessions with a fellow writer. What is a writing session, well we set a time frame and each work on our own projects. My usual writing partner is not even on the same continent as I am but we get a lot done when we work together. Since I am stuck I decided to take a break from the novel and post a few lines from it. Yes these lines are a bit out of context but…. I can’t give the whole story away now can I.

Chapter 1 (this is actually the opening …

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Voting done, but chapter 5 is not

Well the voting for military spouse of the year, is closed or will be in a matter of moments. I wont know the results until the 25th. I did not run all over trying to get votes, and while it would be wonderful to win, I was just honored and amazed when my husband nominated me. 

Now chapter 4 has been sent back from Dad, he did it in no time. Well more like one night. He’s so fast it amazes me. He wants the next chapter tomorrow, gasp. I have started on the tweaking of chapter 5 but I …

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Chapter 4

Well chapter 4 is done. It’s been sent off to Dad for editing. I had not done a good job describing the setting in chapter 4 so some last minute research was needed. After scouring the web for photos and using a phone a friend, I was able to complete it. 

I then took a break and watched some tv. I watched an older episode of Iron Chef America with hubby and the fur kids.


     Chapter 5 of course is next. After I spend a few hours at the …

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